Wii U – Nintendo Executive Discusses Third Party Games


In an interview with Forbes, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Scott Moffitt, discussed the Wii U’s intent to make the platform more attractive to developers.

Moffitt said,

“We have strong relationships with third parties and have a strong lineup of upcoming games from key partners such as Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros., among others.”

“We realize that we need to continue to build the installed base to demonstrate that making games for Wii U is a good investment. We’re confident that we have the games necessary—both first- and third-party—to have a strong holiday season and expand the audience for Wii U.”

“We don’t see this as an either-or proposition. Nintendo is in the unique position of being both a hardware manufacturer as well as a software producer. We want Wii U to be the console that every developer wants to publish on. A key way to make that happen is to grow the installed base of Wii U owners, and we know that current Wii U owners are very happy with their purchases.”

“Our great lineup in the second half of the year will create more buyers, and beyond that third-party support is important to attract as diverse an audience as possible. (Second-half 2013 is) just the start of a steady flow of great games coming to Wii U, with lots more to come in 2014.”

“We are going to see a strong selection of new, exclusive titles coming to Wii U from now and into 2014, such as Sonic: Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and more.”

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more high profile games on the Wii U?