Wii U Developers to Receive Free Dev Kits from Nintendo

According to Wii U Daily, ‘Nintendo is so focused on getting third party developers on board the Wii U train that they are giving away free development kits, software and tools.’

The development kit itself costs around $5,000. It seems as though Nintendo is reaching out to select developers with free dev kits in order to woo them over to make Wii U games.

The site also said that ‘in order to make games for a console, developers have to obtain (read: purchase) a development kit. These “kits” include a development console to test code and games, and a set of APIs and tools for developers to use as well. Development kits rarely include more complex tools such as game engines etc.’

Here is the official Wii U Daily tweet:

Wii U developers getting free development kits from Nintendo wiiudaily.com/2013/04/wii-u-…
— Wii U Daily (@wiiudaily) April 6, 2013

What are your thoughts?