Watch Dogs Multiplayer Intrusion Can Be Turned Off

A few days ago, Ubisoft confirmed a May 27th release date for Watch Dogs and released a story trailer for it.

Now, the developer stated that players now have a choice as to whether or not they would like for the multiplayer invasion feature to be turned on or off.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Intrusion Can Be Turned Off
Watch Dogs’ Lead Game Designer, Danny Belanger, stated that all of the multiplayer drop-in, drop-out features can be turned off by the player at will – “All the online activities are just part of the menu.”

He then added,

“There’s something important called the shield. If someone comes into your game, they can’t come in right after so you can’t be spammed in that way – unless you become aggressive and you start going into other people’s games, then you really become available. But it’s just a player choice in the end.”

Watch Dogs will be released May 27 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. Watch Dogs on Wii U will be available at a later date.

Are you looking forward to playing?

Source: CVG