Wars Across the World Launches on Kickstarter

Wars Across the World Launches on Kickstarter

France – October 15th, 2015 – WARS ACROSS THE WORLD, a.k.a. ‘WAW’, is a new game system launched today on Kickstarter for PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones, to simulate all the conflicts in world history, from the Pharaohs to today’s War on Terror… or even sci-fi or fantasy themes.

Created by the French team (STRATEGIAE), the system lets the players learn the rules only once and they can then jump into any title of the collection in just a few minutes. With one common engine to simulate everything, the aim is to let players enjoy and have fun, not struggle against an endless learning curve.

Wars Across the World Launches on Kickstarter

The base pack, WAW ‘CLASSIC’ is delivered with 3 different themes (and then dozens of DLCs): 

  • HASTINGS 1066, opposing Normans, Vikings ands Saxons to claim the crown of England
  • SARATOGA 1777, the battle that changed the course of the War of Independence
  • NORMANDIE 1944, the most famous landing operation on the beaches of France.

The advanced pack, WAW ‘EXPANDED version of the engine offers larger maps, more units, generals, playing cards and events. It is delivered also with three themes: AUSTERLITZ 1805, Napoleon’s most famous campaign; BERLIN 1945, the fall of the Nazis against the Soviets; and  KOREA 1950, the hottest conflict of the ‘Cold’ war.

Take a look at the pre-alpha release video:

WAW will work in French and English with other languages following soon after. The first version is in solo mode with multiplayer arriving late 2016.

You can go support Wars Across the World on Kickstarter right now.

Source: Press Release