Warp Shift to be Released by Deep Silver FISHLABS & ISBIT Games May 2016

German publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Swedish developer ISBIT Games are about to release a brand-new puzzle game called Warp Shift in May 2016. With beautiful imagery and ambient sound design as well as mobile-perfect controls and a tranquil yet captivating gameplay, the app could best be described as an audio-visual journey that stimulates the senses and exercises the mind.

 Warp Shift to be Released by Deep Silver FISHLABS & ISBIT Games May 2016

Hamburg, Germany – Developed by ISBIT Games from Stockholm and published by Deep Silver FISHLABS from Hamburg, Warp Shift is a soon-to-be-released puzzler for smartphones and tablets with breathtaking visuals and a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere. The underlying game mechanics are as easy as they are sublime: In an ancient chamber that seems to exist beyond space and time, the players’ alter ego Pi has to escape the labyrinth-esque premises that keep her trapped. For the brave little girl to find a way back home, the players have to alter the world around Pi on their fingertips – changing sequences, opening doors, enabling teleports, overcoming obstacles and establishing shortcuts.

“If you are looking for a little escape from your daily routine, Warp Shift is the perfect game for you”, says Andreas Stecher, Director of BizDev and Sales at Deep Silver FISHLABS. “While the game’s presentation is harmonious and its graphics are neat, its gameplay offers a well-balanced mix of contemplation and challenge. We are delighted to have the app in our line-up and we are sure the mobile folks will love it.”

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Warp Shift will go live on the App Store as a paid title in May 2016. An Android version will follow shortly after. For more info on the app, visit http://www.warpshift.com/

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