Wargaming’s Blitz Twister Cup is Coming to Minsk Saturday, Nov. 11

Wargaming’s Blitz Twister Cup is Coming to Minsk Saturday, Nov. 11

Get ready for the most anticipated tournament finals of 2017: Wargaming’s “Blitz Twister Cup” is coming to Minsk Saturday, November 11

Four elite teams representing four different regions (Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America) will engage in fierce, no-holds-barred tank warfare at Minsk’s Prime Hall – requiring teamwork, skill, and, strategy above all in order to take 1st place.

The prize pool is divided as follows:

*   1st place:  $15,000
*   2nd place: $  8,500
*   3rd place:  $  4,000
*   4th place:  $  2,500

A top-notch commentator team has been secured for the finals. Bushka will be handling the English side of things – and Tortik, Sim_Saladin, and Deselver will be broadcasting in Russian.

Viewers can witness an epic war unfold in the World of Tanks Blitz double elimination tournament on Saturday, November 11 starting at 1:30 p.m. GMT+3. With a $15,000 prize for the winners, notable teams Blitzkrieg [PRAMO] will fight for North America, C4 [C4] will represent Russia, Legion [LGN] will stand up for Europe, and EHR2 [EHR] will defend Asia. The Grand Final will boast the best from both upper and lower brackets, in a frantic Best of Seven skirmish for the top prize.



  • Two teams of 7 players
  • Battle time: 7 minutes
  • Battle mode: Supremacy
  • Interval between battles: 2 minutes
  • Mobile devices only
  • Battle format: Best of 3
  • Final match: Best of 7
  • Double elimination matches
  • Maps will be chosen by drawing lots

You can watch the Wargaming Blitz Twister Cup. World championship (WoT Blitz) Right Here:


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