Warehouse and Logistics Simulator Now Available on Steam

Developer app2fun’s Warehouse and Logistics Simulator is now available on Steam.

Warehouse and Logistics Simulator Now Available on Steam


Here is what the developer had to say about Warehouse and Logistics Simulator:

Get ready to take over the control of your original “Jungheinrich” Forklift! Just the best drivers will level up in the Highscore list. The fastest drivers will receive a special bonus.

Enjoy the game in full 3D and feel the realistic driving experience. Varied scenarios like the warehouse, construction zone or port zone guarantee variety.

Below are the key features:

  • Original “Jungheinrich” Forklifts
  • Huge variety of quests
  • Different game modes
  • Realistic physics
  • Different detailed 3D Scenarios like supermarket, port or construction zone

Below you can watch the Warehouse and Logistics Simulator video done by YouTuber SimulatedHeaven:

You can now download the game directly through Steam for $11.99. Let us know what you think of it should you decide to get it.

Source: Steam