WarBirds 2016 Arrives on Steam Sept. 28

WarBirds 2016 Arrives on Steam Sept. 28

Developer iEntertainment Network Inc. (OTCBB:IENT) has announced that ultra-realistic WW2 flight simulation title, WarBirds 2016, will arrive on Steam next Monday, September 28th with tons of new content.

New content:

  • 11 new geographical air-to-air competition terrains – Pearl Harbor, Japan Islands, Korea, Solomon Islands, Greece, North Sea, New Guinea, Truk, Sicily, Marstown
  • 6 new aircraft – P36, MC200, P-38G, Japanese N1K1-J fighter, Nakajima L2d Troop Transport, and British Spitfire 9b
  • 22 new flight models – P-40 (E and N models), WarHawk, F4U-1A (both flown by legendary WW II Ace, Pappy Boyington with 25 Recorded Kills — featured in the 1970s TV series, *Baa Baa Black Sheep*), A6M5 Japanese Zero, and more
  • Flight Model updates – Improved torque effects, realistic fuel burn modeling, engine overheat damage models, adjusted turn, roll, and climb rates, more accurate gun ballistics — along with a new, more capable autopilot feature
  • All WarBirds 2015 owners will automatically be upgraded to WarBirds 2016.

New online play options include:

  • One Life Squadron Select Series Events (a.k.a. S3 Events; more info below)
  • Combined Arms Events (air and ground tanks and bombers get up to 3 wingmen that can be sent on separate missions; players can jump to wingmen at any time!)
  • Advanced Fight Arena (Fighter Vs. Fighter — including Thursday Night Fight nights broadcast on Twitch TV)
  • Fighter Pilot Ladders (1v1, 2v2 for WGFP awards — World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot)
  • New AI drone options
  • “Operation Lost” (navigate or die!)
  • “KILL BILL” events where players can get free t-shirts and a free month of online play if they manage to shoot down “Wild Bill” Stealey


The WarBirds 2016 Squadron Select Series (S3 Events) are held five Sunday nights per quarter and are “one life” events. When players die, they are out for that night’s combat. S3 is the “longest running online combat sim event” with more than 160,000 sorties and 22,000 kills. The next event is scheduled for September 27th. Please visit http://www.squadselectseries.com/ to learn more.


  • Large historic 3D terrains with the longest views in all of flight simulation history; take off from London and see the Normandy coast across the channel
  • Accurate flight modeling of WWII combat aircraft
  • Accurate ballistic modeling of all weapons including guns, rockets, and bomb delivery
  • Requires real flying skills to survive and win
  • Monthly historic combat events played with online players on both Axis and Allied sides
  • Constantly updated and improved simulation with new aircraft, updated flight models, new terrains, and new play options added every month since 1995!

Here is the WarBirds 2016 release trailer:

iEntertainment Network, Inc. (IENT), founded in 1994, hosts online games for subscription and microtransaction revenues. IENT also sells single-player versions of its online games on Steam and other download sites. IENT staff and management have developed more than 500 successful games since 1982, when JW Stealey founded MicroProse Software. Many of these games have sold more than 1,000,000 copies — including the world-famous Civilization, F-15 Strike Eagle, Gunship, Pirates, M1 Tank Platoon, and 25 additional games.

WarBirds 2016 will be available on Steam starting September 28th. The game can be purchased for $14.99 and runs on Windows PCs. Mac support is in the works and should arrive in the next few months.

Online play is always free — with a few caveats. During the first month, players have complete access to all features at no charge. After the first month, players can still play free but will be limited to an early set of aircraft (Early German Me 109, American B-25, early British Spitfire, etc.) — which vary from arena to arena. To gain access to the full set aircraft in all arenas, Steam players can purchase day, week or month passes ranging from $2.99 to $15.95.

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