War Wings Huge November Update Released

War Wings Huge November Update Released

New branch of airplane LaGG will be added to the Soviet Tech Tree

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 20, 2017 – Mobile games publisher Miniclip, together with Tencent and Mobilefish, are excited to announce a series of thrilling updates to their smash hit mobile game, War Wings. Since its launch this past summer, War Wings has topped the charts around the globe, enthralling players with real-time action, beautiful graphics, and historical accuracy.

Now, there’s even more for fans to be excited about.

  • New Research Planes – Players can enjoy seven different varieties of the brand-new LaGG Series plane, a low-altitude interceptor, which will be added to the Soviet Tech Tree. All LaGG Series are equipped with rocket-propelled grenades to intercept enemy aircrafts, as well as machine guns and cannons.
  • Even more planes – Players can also check out the IL-2, an air-to-ground attack aircraft that grew to infamy in WWII. As bombers go, its superior firepower proves it’s one of the best.
  • New Elimination Mode – For a limited time, players can test out the brand-new Elimination Mode. In Elimination Mode, each player chooses three airplanes before battle, which, unlike in other modes of play, can’t be revived once destroyed. Which ever side destroys all the enemy airplanes wins-and, just like in a real battle, the reward for victory can be great.
  • New squadron system – Join a squadron to receive a new supply box reward every week. Players can earn squadron activity points through matchmaking-players with the most activity points will be featured on the leaderboard.

Take a Look at the War Wings Update Version 4.0 Trailer:

War Wings is available for download worldwide from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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