War Wings Debuts New Fighter Plane on Android

War Wings Debuts New Fighter Plane on Android

British Fairey Firefly joins mobile dogfighting game’s growing air fleet

London -November 23 , 2016 – The epic 3D air combat game War Wings today added the Fairey Firefly to its fleet of over 70 pilotable World War II-era aircraft. The mobile aerial dogfighting game is currently available for Android devices in 20 European countries including the UK, Russia, and Spain, and has a 4.5-star review rating on Google Play. War Wings is slated for a North American market release in early 2017.

The British Fairey Firefly was a WWII carrier-borne fighter plane and anti-submarine aircraft. The Firefly’s low-speed maneuverability and hard-hitting armaments of four 20mm cannons and four RAM rockets made it a superb platform for attacking ground and surface targets. The griffon engine gave the plane great power and with the Fairey-Youngman flaps, the plane could remain maneuverable at very low speeds. The rugged two-seat fleet reconnaissance/fighter was noted for its versatility, long range, and reliable performance.

Check out the Fairey Firefly in action in this new War Wings trailer:

War Wings features real-time 4v4 online aerial dogfighting action with stunning 3D graphics. The game simulates World War II air combat with a dedicated adherence to historical accuracy, technical detail, and real-life flight dynamics. War Wings lets players choose from over 70 historically accurate, fully customizable warplanes to fly. Every aircraft in the game is authentically modeled with flight data in strict accordance with history, which will particularly appeal to military enthusiasts.

War Wings is available for Android on Google Play.

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