Wander New PS4 Story Trailer

A new story trailer has been released for the new non-combat MMO title, Wander by Australian developer Wander MMO.

Wander New PS4 Story Trailer


  • Breathtaking landscape in full HD based on realistic weather patterns and researched rainforest data
  • Utilizing exploration, beauty, cooperation and transformation to give you a unique player experience
  • Large scale non-competitive MMO gameplay
  • Extensive world filled with unseen and secluded mysteries
  • Immersive and intricate sound design
  • Continuously soothing atmosphere

The new trailer features all four of the forms players can discover in the game — including the beautiful and agile hira, who is being introduced here officially for the very first time — as well as eye-popping shots of the vast and majestic scenery players can explore.

Wander will release next week, June 4 for PS4 and PC on Steam.

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Source: Resero Trailers