Wakfu Raiders Mobile RPG Easter Event

Wakfu Raiders Mobile RPG Easter Event

Celebrate Easter With Wakfu Raiders’ New Unit & Event Bonuses

Tokyo and San Francisco – March 22, 2016 – Wakfu Raiders now has a new Easter-themed hero in the midst: Esther Firegale. Players are able to recruit this hero to their group by completing daily quests set within the week of March 18th until March 27th. Check out the brief description of our awesome heroine below:

A fiesty leader of the Sacrier class with monstrous strength, she deals out harsh punishments to those who cross her path. Her temperament makes her an ideal melee-focused warrior who dishes out a lot of pain in the frontlines.

Wakfu Raiders Mobile RPG Easter Event

To further celebrate the last few weeks of March, Wakfu Raiders will also feature loot drops for players via the Premium Easter Eggs Drop in Heroic Dungeons during Easter week, as well as a reduced energy hot time during the Easter weekend. Furthermore, Heroic Dungeon resets will be applicable for non-VIP raiders from March 25th to 27th so that they can run through dungeons multiple times for additional rewards.

Head over to the Wakfu Raiders official forum page and Facebook page for more details.

Wakfu Raiders is available right now at the App Store and Google Play.

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