VR Poltergeist Manor Haunted House Released for Halloween

VR Poltergeist Manor Haunted House Released for Halloween


VR Poltergeist Manor Brings Horror To Virtual Reality On Google Cardboard and Mattel’s VR View-Master

AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 27, 2015) – Meta 3D Studios, developer of custom Virtual Reality experiences for Google Cardboard, Mattel’s VR View-Master and other VR devices, announces today the release of the virtual reality haunted house VR Poltergeist Manor. Players are transported to a stately manor where they explore the abandoned home and discover there is more than cobwebs awaiting them. As the player is moved throughout Poltergeist Manor, they only need to look around to enjoy the high-quality, stereoscopic virtual world, hear high-fidelity audio, and experience the world in 360 degrees (up, down, left, right, and behind you). VR Poltergeist Manor is available on Google Play for $1.99.

For a fully immersive, haunting experience, Meta 3D Studios has collaborated with Syrinscape just in time for Halloween. The VR Poltergeist Manor is enriched with the spine-chilling sounds from Syrinscape’s Halloween Survival 6-Pack SoundPack, which bundles six of Syrinscape’s most-icky and terrifying SoundSets for $19.99, and sets up a truly spooky Halloween experience for home, work, for use in Halloween-themed board games, or even to take along trick-or-treating on mobile devices.

Meta 3D Studios has other virtual reality experiences available on the Google Play store, including Haunted Hospital, Zen Garden, Bearclaw’s Forge, Alien Attack and more. Each Virtual Reality experience is optimized for ease of use. Launch the application and travel to a high-quality, stereoscopic virtual world with high-fidelity stereo audio. Each experience is easy to use and understand, kid-friendly, and introduces people to the power of Virtual Reality. They are designed for people who wish to have a very streamlined experience without confusing controls or navigation. All apps are free from Advertising and In-App Purchases as they are geared for children.

About Meta 3D Studios
Meta 3D Studios, founded in 2005, is an application and game development company in Austin, Texas that creates custom-branded interactive experiences for clients, including Discovery Channel, Mattel, and Syfy Channel. Meta 3D Studios services small- to large-sized game and app clients with their interactive product, art, and animation needs, and helps to launch hundreds of diverse projects worldwide. Visit the Case Studies for more information about Meta 3D Studios and how they work with our clients.

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