VR KARTS and RADIAL-G High Speed VR Racing Action Now Available for PSVR

VR KARTS and RADIAL-G High Speed VR Racing Action Now Available for PSVR

Two PlayStation 4 VR Games Arrive at North American Retailers in Time for the Holiday

LONDON – Prepare for fast-paced, velocity-driven VR racing experiences with Radial-G and VR Karts, two of the latest immersive virtual reality games to arrive in North American retail stores for PlayStation VR. The adrenaline fused, heart pounding games are the first of many PlayStation VR retail releases planned through a partnership between Perp Games and U&I Entertainment.


Experience anti-gravity speed like never before in this futuristic arcade racer that will make real life seem slow and boring. Offering single and multi-player action, Radial-G’s tubular tracks will test players’ reaction times with its twists, jumps, splits and unique inverted racing. This is the definitive evolution of arcade racers for virtual reality. Radial-G’s features include:

  • Explosive Weapons – When pure speed isn’t enough, pick up a homing rocket to get an edge over other players;
  • Anti-Gravity Tracks – Unique tubular tracks allow full 360-degree rotation, allowing players to spin around the course to find the ultimate racing line;
  • Online Multiplayer – Eight player online multiplayer in addition to single player career mode.

Radial-G is available for $39.99 (PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required) and is rated E10+ by the ESRB. 

VR Karts

Developed specifically for the VR platform, VR Karts is a fun, family-friendly kart racing game that puts gamers in the driver’s seat of their own customized kart against other players from around the world. Race through stunning environments, collect power-ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers. The game’s features include:

  • Character Customization – As a fast-paced kart game, players need to identify opponents quickly. With the game’s customization options, gamers can locate targets easily;
  • Unique Control Mode – New unique PlayStation control mode utilizing the DualShock4 as a steering wheel;
  • Online Multiplayer – Racers can play with up to six players online and feel the rush of adrenaline as speed boosts and combat come into play;

VR Karts is available for $29.99 (PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required) and is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. 

“Game developers are just getting started with unlocking the true potential in virtual reality gaming,” said Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perpetual. “We are looking forward to continue working with these amazing developers on bringing titles like these and many others to players pining for deeper, more complex VR content to experience.”

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