Vortex Attack Final Version Now Available

Vortex Attack Final Version Now Available

Developer Kaleido Games has announced that the final updated version of Vortex Attack is now available.

Vortex Attack is an arcade coin-op frantic shooter with regular online tournaments and is based on the addictive old coin-ops that have eaten so many of our quarters. It started small but it has become a full grown arcade game with its own dedicated cabinet . It all feels very retro, but modern. The developer has spent a very long time tweaking everything, and promises that it’s a lot of fun now.

Vortex Attack was based in classic shmups where competition scores prevail over exploration. But unlike typical game from the genre, this is about destroying a black hole to progress to the next level. In order to achieve this mission, the player is given power-ups in each stage to upgrade the current space ship. With a selection of various unlocked ships, players are given the choice of very different 11 ships to play making game-play very different each time. The game can get very addictive trying to get as far as possible to unlock ships, retro modes and in-game credits while beating friends high scores. Specially while tournaments where many prizes are given to the 3 best players.

The game was released back in May but it has been updated many times till mid November (1.2.0), with much better graphics, gameplay, bugfixes, language translations and worldwide tournaments.

First worldwide championship (a 4 months league) is currently running till end of 2015. There are 9 sponsors who will give away 21 prizes.

You can download Vortex Attack on Steam or Green Man Gaming for only $4.99.

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