VOLVOX Puzzle Game Now Available on Steam

VOLVOX Puzzle Game Now Available on Steam

Italian developer Sumero Lira of Neotenia LTD has released puzzle game Volvox for PC on Steam.

Volvox is a puzzle game based on a triangular grid. The characters, called Trimoebas, are triangular unicellular organisms undertaking the building of the first pluricellular beings, traveling through the evolution. The Trimoebas bear functional properties on their sides, such glue, explosive, insulating and hooks, but they are useful only if the Trimoeba is correctly rotated: you will have to prepare the right path and make the Trimoebas overstep each other to bring them in the right position with the right phase. The game has a strong emergent gameplay, so with only 7 properties we have done 250 levels.

Volvox Features:

  • The unique feature of Volvox is the main mechanic, inspired to the rolling without slipping, a relationship between the path traveled and the rotation of a Trimoeba. Level surfaces and Trimoebas influence each others knotting the whole in solid enigmas.
  • Joining the rolling mechanic with the 7 Trimoebas properties a large variety of situations is generated: Volvox has 250 hand-drawn levels, each with its own identity, for about 60 hours of play, achievements and stats excluded.
  • Volvox is designed as mental flexibility training, inducing the player to find continuously new ways to use the resources on tap, contrasting the functional fixedness. Most of levels are in addition traps, planned to bring you to the wrong solution.
  • Volvox is a game rich of triangles, eyes and curls, which returns continuously in various shapes in characters, interfaces and backgrounds, for a strongly organic result. Estetically it appears watercolor painted, alluding to cellular diffusion phenomena.
  • The sounds and musics are obtained making extensive use of the cosming hang’s sound. It is a recent instrument lacking of previous cultural implications, perfect to harmonize a time before the time, the time of creation.
  • Mechanics of birth and reproduction are interlaced with the main game’s theme transmitting an intense message of love for the life, celebrating its beauty in all its shapes, such the one of the simplest worm.

Take a look at the Volvox trailer:

You can now download Volvox for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam for $7.99.