Visceral Games is Working on a Military Shooter – Possibly a Brand Extension of Battlefield

Dead Space developer Visceral Games is currently working on a military shooter, which is a possible brand extension of Battlefield, in accordance with Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter.

Battlefield 4


In an email to media outlets, Patcher said that he believed Criterion Games is working on a military shooter, and that it could possibly be a brand extension of Battlefield.

“We believe this speculation is unfounded. Although EA has as yet to announce a Battlefield extension for FY15, we believe Criterion Games is working on a military shooter that may become a brand extension for the Battlefield franchise in FY15.”

“We spoke with management on Thursday afternoon, and although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for FY15, they confirmed that our understanding is spot on and that if a version of Battlefield were to be released in FY15, it would be developed by a studio other than DICE.”

Incidentally, Battlefield 4 received its PS4 update today, which you can read about right here.

What are your thoughts about a different developer, other than DICE, working on a new Battlefield game?