Viking Rage Heading to HTC Vive this April

Viking Rage Heading to HTC Vive this April

Enjoy tower defense as intense as never before!

Headup Games and N-Gon Entertainment present their VR tower defense title Viking Rage for HTC Vive. It’s a hell of a blast to protect your stronghold from the storming hordes of worgs, trolls and even dragons!

But everything can be solved with bows and your axe, and you can take two of them. Throw axes and use deadly crossbows to fend off everything in your sight in icy caverns or volcano mountains. Grab your HTC Vive and dive into a fantasy low-poly style game you never experienced before.

Viking Rage Heading to HTC Vive this April

About Viking Rage

Axes up! Bows drawn! Raise your horns!

Trolls, Kobolds and other mythical creatures have it in for the fortress of the Vikings – And these are exactly who you’re gonna beat up however you like in Viking Rage.

In this tower defense game with a twist you are – thanks to virtual reality – in the middle of the action, which might get rather racy! Quick clicking won’t do much – with the motion controllers in hand you are responsible for the defense of your village, so go all out and:

  • Throw axes and bombs
  • Shoot arrows with your longbow or crossbow
  • Play around with different elements
  • Surprise the intruders with traps
  • There will be unusual lands, witty weapons and all kinds of enemies to discover
  • Let Thor guide you and reach the Norse war frenzy!

Watch the Viking Rage Announce Trailer:

Viking Rage will come to Steam on April 28, 2017. See you in Valhalla!

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