Vertiginous Golf Now Available on Steam

Developer Kinelco & Lone Elk Creative and publisher Surprise Attack Games have announced that dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game, Vertiginous Golf, is now available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

After 15 months in Steam early access, the full release of Vertiginous Golf includes a mysterious story mode, insanely challenging courses and diverse multiplayer modes, all set many miles above the ground.

Vertiginous Golf Now Available on Steam

The golfing action takes place in an alternate world where the fortunate have risen above the smog and pollution to New Lun-Donne, a floating paradise and the less fortunate are stuck in Scudburough, enduring constant rain, darkness and misery. By the magic of technology, the poor souls on the ground can get a brief respite and a glimpse of the sun through the game of Vertiginous Golf.  Through story mode, players will uncover more about the world and the tensions between the high and the low.

Players face many obstacles on their path through the elaborate courses including fans, walls, travellators, moving platforms and more. Fortunately, they can slip into the eyes of their mechanical hummingbird companion to scout out a path and use the small, jewel-encrusted beetle on their ball to adjust its direction after each stroke.

Each hole can be played in both local and online multiplayer and there are also unique multiplayer modes including race tracks and battle golf arenas, in which players fight for control over multiple holes and pick up weapons to disrupt their opponents.

A fully fledged level creator is included, providing the community with the opportunity to create and share their own devious courses. Players can also customise their player avatar, clubs and hummingbird.

“We are so excited to finally launch this game.” said Christian Holland, director of Lone Elk Creative. “This has been an epic labour of love for myself and Paul and we can’t wait to play the courses that the community create.”

“It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Paul and Christian on Vertiginous Golf,” said Chris Wright, managing director of Surprise Attack Games. “As soon as we saw the game we knew we had to be part of this journey.”

Since landing on Steam Early Access in March 2014, the development team has continually added in new modes and features, taking feedback from the community to shape the direction of the game. A notable community-led inclusion has been the simpler miniputt courses where only a putter can be used and the time reversal and after touch powers are not available.  Much of the game’s content has been held back, however, and the final release will debut the story mode, many more courses, the customisation features and the course creator. All progress and leaderboards that players have built up over the past few months will carry over to the full release.

Take a look at the launch trailer:

Vertiginous Golf is available to purchase on Steam, The Humble Store, the game’s website and other digital storefronts for US$19.99 for one copy and a four pack for US$59.99. There is a 20% launch discount running on many of the stores.

Vertiginous Golf will also be included within the highest tier of the Humble Weekly Bundle: Surprise Attack, which launches today, May 7, 2015 and includes eight games from the Surprise Attack Games portfolio.

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