Van Helsing III New Update Details

Independent publisher and developer NeocoreGames announced the third update for Van Helsing III.

Van Helsing III New Update Details

The update fixes numerous smaller bugs, balance and optimize gameplay, quests, skills, items, multiplayer, and fix some of the achievements that weren’t working properly.

Here are the full Changelog V1.0.3 details:

Game Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorials of Resistance Management.
  • Fixed the Chimera’s feeding tutorial that appeared in the alchemy window accidentally.
  • The final boss now does not respawn when Respawn Enemies is enabled.
  • Fixed a Quest Marker string for the Skrimbeast quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the first chapter’s bossfight occassionally when players switched maps.
  • Fixed an issue with skill swapping and skill reset.
  • German special characters now show properly.
  • Katarina no longer has a zero at her Defense value.
  • It is now indicated that the game mode Touchdown requires at least 4 players.
  • Fixed the in-game link to the Devblog.
  • Fixed the occassional invisibility of the Gun Platform’s turrets.
  • Adjusted the navigation of the Gun Platform.
  • Fixed the Trophy Desk in the lair – it can now be properly used.
  • The Scenario Lobby now has a properly working ready check.
  • Fixed a game start issue that was caused by a wrong resolution setting.
  • Fixed a chest’s placement at the Gothic Quarter.
  • Gun Platform should no longer cause a video glitch on 32 bit systems.
  • Monster In The Box traps can now be built on the Battle in the Ink map.
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck at the end of Gothic Quarter.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to reach monsters in the Darkgate Cemetery.
  • Magic Missiles can now be used at the boss fight of the Dark Carnival.
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck at the Valley of Frost and Island of Terror because of missing Inkgrubs.
  • Fixed various issues at the final bossfight.
Van Helsing III New Update Details
  • The Phlogistoneer’s skills can now properly get reset – as well as the other classes’.
  • Constructor’s Gun platform now correctly launches missiles at level 3.
  • Ward Wisdom’s second mastery now correctly grants defense.
  • Players no longer get permanently frozen when you are hit by a frost missile under the effect of Sphere of Timelessness.
  • Stream of Bolts can now be channeled with no targets.
  • Ink Leap can no longer get players to full Rage instantly.
  • The Bounty Hunter can no longer get stuck within an animation when he gets knocked down during casting.
  • Fixed the missing string of the Treasure Hunter aura.
  • Fixed the mastery of the Summon Ornithopters spell that gives players a chance to summon another Ornithopter.
  • The Pigasus now has quite a few new items to sell!
  • Katarina has new Set items available for her.
  • Fixed a dupe exploit at the Forge.
  • The Chance to Teleport on getting hit enchant is now working properly.
  • Seeker Savant’s Trophy now has correct attributes and set bonuses.
  • Sharps Armoury Vest now has Physical resistance.
  • Fixed the unlockable stats that required Parry on six items such as the Jade Heart.
  • Fixed numerous base properties on epic items: Parry on shields, All Resistance on belts, etc.
  • Fixed the scaling of the level requirement of numerous epic items.
  • Fixed the drop rate range of epic and set items.
  • The enchant that increases all skills by 1 has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue with Amulets giving hit point bonuses – it was a Mana bonus, the description was wrong.
Van Helsing III New Update Details
  • Sphere of Timelessness now works properly.
  • Seekermatons can now be destroyed.
  • LAN games should now properly show up at the Lobby.
  • Complete 20 Scenarios achievement has a new description that indicates that you need to kill 20 End bosses for the achievement to count.
  • The I’m So Hardcore achievement now works properly, and should unlock retroactively as well.
  • Fixed the Irresistible Force achievement.
  • Fixed the Atta Dog achievement.
  • The You can be strong… achievement now counts properly, along with the other similar stat-based achievements.
  • The Good ole’ Hunter achievement is now working properly.
  • The Greedy Pig achievement has been changed – buying Set items from the Pigasus should trigger it, too.
  • Fixed various “invulnerable” monsters in Scenarios.
  • Fixed a progress issue with Scenarios where players could lose their quest progress if the other party member finished the scenario before them and teleported.
  • Thunderblast received a small cooldown, increased mana cost and decreased damage.
  • The Ornithopters of the Constructor now have a shorter attack range.
  • The summoning cost of sentries and other mechanical companions has been increased.
  • The Hideout boss has been buffed and became faster.
  • Wight Summoners’ heal has been nerfed.
  • The Gatekeeper’s Realm boss has lower skill cooldowns, faster movement, and improved damage.
  • Monsters’ freezing skills have been balanced to be less annoying.
  • Vampires’ skills received larger cooldowns.
  • Mantiswyrms’ attack range has been reduced, and their Mirage spell has been nerfed.
  • Krakenoid Servants have been nerfed.
  • Cancroidus monsters became stronger.
  • Lady Irina now uses her fire skills properly.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is out now on Steam.

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