Van Helsing III New Constructor & Bounty Hunter Classes

Budapest, Hungary – May 18, 2015 – Independent publisher and developer NeocoreGames has revealed two new deadly player classes, the long-ranged weapon specialist, the Bounty Hunter, and the weapon-heavy Constructor, for its upcoming title, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. (you can take a look at the Elementalist and the Protector here).

Van Helsing III New Constructor & Bounty Hunter Classes


The Bounty Hunter is a long-ranged weapon specialist who relies on physical damage and uses mechanical seekers to track down, taunt, and mark his enemies. The Bounty Hunter can explore dangerous areas from a safe distance sending in his decoys to lure out the monsters or make them vulnerable to the attacks.

Similar to the Bounty Hunter, the Constructor likes to keep a safe distance from its enemies. The advantage the Constructor has is his vast gun platform, which summons his mechanical allies and rains down destruction on his foes. He can also command his army of turrets, ornithopters and dismemberbots to do his dirty work.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III offers single-player gameplay, four-player co-op online, and eight-player PvP, and is the last episode in the Van Helsing trilogy. The game uncovers the past of the cheeky companion, Lady Katarina, while carrying over features from the second game, including the tower-defense mini-game sequences, and offers six unique character classes.

Here is the official new classes trailer:

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III will be available on Steam, this Friday, May 22.

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