Valk Unit Zero Has Launched on Kickstarter

Valk Unit Zero Has Launched on Kickstarter

Developer Valk Unit Team has just launched Valk Unit Zero on Kickstarter.

Valk Unit Zero – Time-looping Apocalypse is a 2D action RPG, about re-experiencing the end of the world over and over. Every time the world ends, it starts all over again, much like the movies Groundhog’s Day, or Edge of Tomorrow. The core mechanic of the game revolves around the choices you make affecting the story in every playthrough, until you can figure out how to save the world.

Valk Unit Zero Features:

  • A 2D Action Role-Playing Game (akin to SNES titles such as Link to the Past, Terranigma, and Secret of Mana)
  • For Windows/Mac/Linux with future plans for PS4/Vita.
  • Planned to be on Steam and available DRM-Free Distributors.
  • Theme is heavily influenced by Cyberpunk and Norse Mythology.
  • Every playthrough has a drastically different experience based on the choices you made.

Here is the official Valk Unit Zero trailer:

Valk Unit Zero is slated for a PC release in Q4 of 2017. You can help support it on Kickstarter right now.