Valhalla Hills First DLC Brings Sands of the Damned and Huge Update

Valhalla Hills first DLC Brings Sands of the Damned and Huge Update

Hamburg Daedalic Entertainment and Funatics have announced that the first DLC for Valhalla Hills is now available.

The Vikings are heading to the desert in today’s new DLC release for Valhalla Hills. The new DLC is free, and available via Steam now.

The first DLC of Valhalla Hills takes players right into the desert! Daedalic and Funatics add a whole new setting with this expansion: The Vikings travel from the northlands to the desert to settle on a much flatter mountain surrounded not by an ocean but by moving sands. Fishing is now only fishing in oases, before growing crops they have to install an irrigation system. And the desert is full of dangers: Mummies attack relentlessly and scorpions lurk in the sands.

In addition to the DLC a large update will add various new features. Dwellings, for example, have been overhauled and there will be new, better tools for hunters and couriers. Also the work flow of the Vikings has been optimized. They will now coordinate their tasks and goods will be delivered to the place they’re needed most.

Valhalla Hills first DLC Brings Sands of the Damned and Huge Update

Valhalla Hills New Update Notes:

**Dwellings **

  • Dwellings have been overhauled. They now have room for considerably more Vikings, but the radius of the small buildings has been decreased. The largest dwelling’s radius is much bigger. Now every Viking working near a dwelling has a place to sleep.
  • Dwellings now indicate the current and maximum capacity of residents.

** New Achievements **

  • Some of the upcoming achievements are now displayed in the main menu. Now you can see what’s next to unlock.

** UI **

  • Military camps now display how many and which fighters are assigned to them
  • Signposts in front of buildings: You can now instantly see how many workers are assigned to a building (corresponding number of signs) and if they have the necessary tools
  • Upcoming achievements now have a progression bar indicating how close you are to your next achievement
  • Pause mode is now better indicated and the UI is deactivated during pause mode
  • The active profile is now highlighted
  • Upon winning a game, detailed statistics about the match will be displayed
  • You can now build roads leading from and to buildings by directly clicking the building in road-construction mode.

** Vikings **

  • Idle fighters will try to support their brothers in arms
  • You can now place wells only where water is in the ground
  • New goods: Bones, bone axe, bone bow, bone spear. Animals will now drop leather and bones in addition to meat. You can now build weapons from these materials.

** Odds & Ends **

  • Problem solved where the game started to slow down at some point
  • An issue with calculating visibility of worn items in mist has been solved
  • Two issues causing crashes have been fixed

Valhalla Hills first DLC Brings Sands of the Damned and Huge Update

1.3.3 – Flat Lands

** Flat Lands **

  • We have a new type of mountain: “normal (flat)”. It’s, well, much flatter. That means more water surfaces and less locations where rock is visible
  • This type of mountain can be selected at the start of a game
  • Upon creating a new map the seed can be manually entered
  • Seed type of mountain and size can be passed on to friends enabling them to play the same map.

** Vikings **

  • Kitchen: “resources” for sandwiches are now blocked and can’t be consumed directly. In an emergency the building can be switched off – this frees the resources. The kitchen is no longer prioritized. Berries and mushrooms are no longer stored in the kitchen
  • Vikings act more sensible as a group: If more than one Viking targets a resource, the first worker there will inform the others to search elsewhere
  • Millers and farmers now work even if they are hungry
  • We have new and better tools for hunters and couriers. Hunters get stronger, couriers can carry more wares.

** Couriers **

  • Couriers now deliver to the storages
  • Couriers now deliver directly to construction sites.

** UI – building **

  • The current stock of building materials is shown in the building menu
  • When you’re building, a preview of the building will be shown at the mouse cursor.

** UI – Vikings **

  • The speech bubbles “hungry and starving” are shown as long as a Viking is hungry or starving
  • Notifications in the info screens of Vikings can be removed by clicking the right mouse button.

** UI – buildings **

  • Buildings can be chosen with a click on the building site
  • Full storage slots are highlighted in green
  • We have added a tutorial button to the info screens of most buildings. You can use the button to review the tutorial at any time.

** UI – misc. **

  • The game now highlights what will be selected with the next click
  • The course of a road during building is now visualized better: If it runs behind an obstacle an outline is shown.
  • We changed the time span after which notifications are automatically removed.

** Misc. **

  • Arrows now fly faster
  • The attack animation of archers has been repaired
  • Bears now move slower
  • Performance slumps during autosave have been reduced
  • Tree stumps rot away over time
  • A number of buildings is now animated while producing
  • Many sounds have been adjusted in volume and radius.

Here is the new Valhalla Hills gameplay teaser trailer:

You can download Valhalla Hills for PC on Steam and GOG.

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