V.Next is Episodic Cyberpunk Adventure Game Launches on Kickstarter

V.Next is Episodic Cyberpunk Adventure Game Launches on Kickstarter


Retro Cyberpunk Adventure GameV.Next is More Like A TV Series Than Any Game Previously Released

SEATTLE, July 1st, 2015SyncBuildRun LLC has announced the launch of the Kickstarter of their first game on July 30th, 2015 for a unique progressive episodic adventure called

SyncBuildRun plans on releasing a new episode of the game each and every week, which means V.Next will play more like an interactive television series than any game yet released.

In the cyberpunk future of Seattle 2035, players take on the role of Vivienne Denue, a smart, tech-savvy female hacker. Players use multiple game modes to modify circuits, craft software, and hack the environment while helping Vivienne take revenge on corrupt corporations who are responsible for stealing her memories.

Everything new is old again in V.Next, from its deliberate low-rez graphics, a homage to its 80s and 90s cyberpunk sensibility found in novels like Neuromancer and Snow Crash, and its timely themes of privacy, surveillance, and especially diversity.

SyncBuildRun founder and CEO, Paul Furio, said, “Our first priority is creating great episodic entertainment. We also want to embrace a progressive and inclusive attitude, and tell stories that feature diverse leading characters who are often overlooked by popular media.”

V.Next is planned for release in Spring 2016, with eighteen episodes slotted to release weekly after the launch of the pilot episode. SyncBuildRun LLC plans on raising $120,000 to help them realize V.Next as an engaging, playable game that appeals to a wide variety of gamers seeking new and different gaming experiences.

V.Next will launch for the Mac and PC platforms, with iOS and Android versions to follow. In addition to Kickstarter, V.Next has been Greenlit on Steam.

Here is the official gameplay trailer:


SyncBuildRun LLC is an independent developer of desktop and mobile games. Video game industry veteran Paul Furio, who has shipped over two dozen game titles across various platforms for such companies as Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Amaze Entertainment, founded SyncBuildRun in 2014. Prior to this, Furio was a software development manager at Amazon.com.

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