UTOMIK PC Gaming Subscription Service Presents Day One Release NEWT ONE

UTOMIK PC Gaming Subscription Service Presents Day One Release NEWT ONE

Together with independent developer DevNAri, Utomik is proud to present their next Day One release: Newt One, a colorful, nonviolent 3D platformer with music that adapts to everything you do. The release is scheduled on Utomik, your unlimited play gaming subscription service for PC, on February 14th. After being the first to offer games on release day last October, Utomik continues to focus on bringing newer games to the platform.

Utomik shifts the way players consume games. Their highly-curated library of titles offers a wide variety of genres, focused on discovering the unexpected. Get swept up by Newt One and awaken a world fallen to the Great Slumber. This nonviolent game rewards you for how much life you bring to the game world, not how much life you take from it. Perfect for even the littlest ones to enjoy. A game truly created to put a smile on people’s face.

“We believe subscription based games are the future and Utomik is at the forefront of this revolution. Since our game has a natural appeal to those with a soft spot for classic gaming with a modern aesthetic, Utomik’s users should feel right at home playing Newt One!” – developer DevNAri

It’s their mission to unleash gaming. Utomik brings you a weekly growing library of 700+ hand-picked games. Get instant access to a varied collection of AAA classics, retro, indie, and family-friendly titles with Utomik’s smart download tech.

New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial on www.utomik.com and give our service a spin.

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