Unreal Engine 3 Heading to Browsers: Epic & Mozilla Team Up

It was announced at GDC that Mozilla and Epic Games have joined forces to bring Unreal Engine 3 to browsers.
Here are the details according to a Mozilla blog post:

To make these advancements, Mozilla developed a highly-optimized version of JavaScript that supercharges a developer’s gaming code in the browser to enable visually compelling, fast, 3D gaming experiences on the Web. With this technology we are also opening up the path for 3D Web-based games on mobile as JavaScript performance continues to close the gap with native.

Below is a video showing Unreal Engine 3 on Firefox:

All of this is possible without the use of any plugins! Mozilla says that this is written in either Javascript or HTML 5, showing the true power of the web. First, code is written in C++, and then is translated into a web language by the use of the site Emscripten. Do you think that bringing these games to browsers has huge potential in the future? Comment below…