Uncharted Waters Online – Free-to-Play, Trailer

Announced at the PAX East 2013 yesterday, Uncharted Waters Online is a strategic MMO RPG set during the “Age of Exploration,” a historic era when opportunities to accumulate wealth and power were abundant.

Players will experience a simulation of sea-faring life in the 15th century, and can select from one of three starter classes: Adventurer, Merchant and Soldier. The world of Uncharted Waters Online allows players to explore, trade, battle and join in live events such as the “Epic Sea Feud.”

The strategic approaches to the game and the possibilities for adventure are endless, with the opportunity to play as one of six nationalities: England, The Dutch Republic, The French Régime, The Spanish Empire, The Kingdom of Portugal and The Republic of Venice. Each choice a player makes will change the course of the adventure and open doors to new opportunities.

You can watch the trailer below:

Key Features:

  • Embark on an Endless Expedition and Discover New Worlds 
  • Choose from one of three starter classes: Adventurer, Maritime or Trader! There are more than 75 professions and more than 100 skills to master. 
  • The beauty of UWO lies in the variety of places a player can visit, the different play styles made possible by the game and the shear scope of the world. 
  • Essential facilities for daily activities: Each major town has important facilities for economic activities. Craft Shops, Shipyards and Banks are among the useful and common facilities available. 

Forge Your Destiny at Sea, and Become a Hero – or a Tyrant

  • No more hack-and-slash tedious gameplay – be the first one to uncover ancient historic locations and artifacts! You can become a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama or the dreaded Pirate Drake. 
  • Change your professions at any time to experience all UWO has to offer! Experience the joy of exploring new places, working together to take down foes or challenging other sailors. Work hard to become a master of your desired skill! 
  • UWO also offers massive naval battles where up to 200 ships can engage in sea fights to conquer the world! 

Build, Barter and Customize

  • Buy or build ships like the Hansa Cog, Baltic Galleon, Spanish Carrack, Turkish Galley, and English Frigate and more. Upgrade, enhance, modify, and even decorate your ships with thousands of items! 
  • Player Housing: Purchase your own Quarters in the city and decorate it with furniture and artwork. Invite your friends and guild members to chat and play together. Looking for some peace and quiet? You can find an unoccupied island and build your own farm. 

Here’s a list of friendly guides to help you on your journey:

Uncharted Waters Online is Free-to-Play and can be downloaded on Steam.

Will you be giving this game a try? Let us know how you like it.