UNCHARTED 3: Oddball DLC Record Download

The Playstation Blog reported a record 350,000 downloads of the Multiplayer Free-to-Play Oddball DLC, which came out yesterday.

The Blog stated that: “To keep that momentum going, as promised, we’re making new DLC available for purchase every month until June 2013. This month we’re recognizing Extraterrestrial Abductions Day – or a day around it anyway – by unveiling our Oddball themed character parts for your UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer characters. Why Oddball? Well, these character parts defy classification as they don’t quite fit among the numerous other parts we’ll have coming out over the next few months, and Extraterrestrial Abductions Day is a bit of an odd holiday anyway.”

You can check out the Playstation Store to see what’s available.

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