Umbra New Gameplay Video

SolarFall Games have released a gameplay mechanics video, for their forthcoming title, Umbra – an action RPG, powered by CryEngine3. The video gives a taste of the game ahead of the imminent launch of their Kickstarter campaign.

Umbra New Gameplay Video

“In this video we explain the two basic gameplay mechanics of Umbra; the first one is the Resource Opposition system which is intended to provide balance to the freedom of character development that the player has.” said Daniel Dolui, lead programmer at SolarFall Games, “The second is all about Elemental Effect Interaction, where players manage the effectiveness of Fire, Lightning, Water and Ice according to the combination of character’s skills and the environment in which they take place.”

Game features:

  • Free-class character development system
  • A true open-world
  • Highly customizable weaponry
  • A housing system, and much more.

Take a look at the new Umbra gameplay video:

You can help support Umbra on Kickstarter right now.

Source: Press Release