Ubitus Tech Allows for InstaPlay of Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes 2016

Ubitus Tech Allows for InstaPlay of Gazillion's Marvel Heroes 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — The super-powered partnership between Gazillion, Inc. and Ubitus Inc., the worldwide leader for interactive cloud technologies and streaming game services, has made it possible for “InstaPlay” of Marvel Heroes 2016 beginning later this year. Using Ubitus’ patented Click2Play technology, new players no longer need to wait out a download of nearly 20 GB before they can suit up as Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil and more than 50 other playable Marvel characters. Instead, Click2Play allows them to stream early gameplay immediately as the rest of the game downloads in the background. What once was wait time is now play time.

“With InstaPlay, our new players can get into Marvel Heroes 2016 immediately. It’s instant gratification and instantly awesome,” said Dave Dohrmann, CEO of Gazillion. “We evaluated several technologies last year and felt Click2Play was hands down the best solution for our needs.”

“The InstaPlay with Click2Play is one of the very first in its kind to modernize the way gamers can play during or before downloading the game. Ubitus is thrilled to bring the amazing user experience to millions of new players,” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus. “The top-notch technology Ubitus has and the great games from Gazillion make for a perfect partnership.”

More information on Marvel Heroes 2016 can be found at www.MarvelHeroes.com and via social media (facebook.com/MarvelHeroes, twitter.com/MarvelHeroes, instagram.com/MarvelHeroesGameyoutube.com/MarvelHeroesOnline and twitch.tv/MarvelHeroes).

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