TWO OR MORE Minimalist Color Matching Game Launching Sep. 29 Exclusively on iOS

TWO OR MORE Minimalist Color Matching Game Launching Sep. 29 Exclusively on iOS

Wind down after a stressful day with TWO OR MORE — a Zen-like, stylish color-matching game coming soon to iOS

Connect adjacent matching blocks to make a match. You only need two or more blocks of the same color to start a chain — and the more blocks you add to it, the higher the score. If you reach the target, congrats! The goal will increase every time you pass a level — so your best bet is to go for extra points, which will give you a head start in reaching the next level’s target …

Two or More features three game modes, with more coming soon:

  1. Classic: Reach a target score on each level
  2. Five Steps: You have five matches to reach the target score
  3. Flash 60”: No target score; you have 60 seconds to earn the highest possible score; matching eight or more blocks adds five seconds to the clock.

Make the most out of every match: No new blocks are added to replace blocks that get matched (which disappear into thin air). You only have what you start with … and nothing else. Leftover blocks will reduce the amount of bonus points you earn — so be sure to get rid of them through measured, calculated matches.

Two or More Key Feature:

  • Play for minutes or hours across three different game modes:
    • Classic
    • Five Steps
    • Flash 60”
  • Challenge yourself with simple and yet surprisingly deep gameplay mechanics
  • Get into the groove with a smooth jazz soundtrack
  • Challenge friends to see who can get to the top of the leaderboards!
  • Share your high scores on social media


Here is the official Two or More Trailer:

Two or More will be released exclusively on iOS on September 29th. The game will be free-to-play with a single $1.99 IAP to remove ads.

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