Twitch Starts New Pokémon Crystal Stream, See it Here

Twitch Plays Pokémon has been the latest buzz of the gaming community, with thousands of players having to work together to accomplish the same goal.


Just yesterday, after 16 days of playing by the group, Pokémon Red was completed. Early today at 7:00am EST, Sunday, the Pokémon Crystal stream began. However, there is a change to this particular stream. As Nintendo Life describes it,

…some changes were added to the formula. The main change is in relation to the democracy and anarchy mode. Now, at the beginning of every hour, the stream will automatically enter democracy mode. In order to exit democracy mode and return to the standard anarchy mode, anarchy has to be the top voted command after thirty seconds. While many fans have shown dislike to this new formula, it will allow the group to move through challenging areas more easily and quickly, as a democracy will be enacted every hour.

You can watch the live stream below:

Source: Nintendo LifeTwitch Plays Pokemon