Turmoil New Update Features Fast Forward Button

Turmoil New Update Features Fast Forward Button

Amsterdam, January 12, 2016 – Gamious, a small Dutch game developer, has released the details of Update 17 for Turmoil on Steam Early Access.

A Fast Forward button! This long awaited feature from the community is now in! Press and hold to speed up the game! This will be made available to players once you play levels that last a complete year.

The developer has improved mightily on visualizing the thermal Gas expansion mechanic so that it should be a lot easier to understand. They will also be posting some videos with gameplay tips in the next couple of weeks.

Here are Update #17 details for Turmoil:


  • Fast Forward – Press and hold to speed up the game.
  • Thermal Gas expansion – we changed and improved the visualization of the entire mechanic.
  • Diamond extending play time – This was enhanced by 50%. So you can extend a level longer now.


  • Enlarged the clickable area near the arrows above the factories.
  • Removed the (too) early ‘thanks for playing-message’.
  • Fixed Jill’s texts after beating the game.
  • Updated the HUD to include the Fast Forward button.
  • Updated the Diamond in the HUD to show properly.


  • Fixed Crash on Spillage in the bonus level. NOTE This will only be fixed when you start a new campaign. This was the only way to avoid resetting the save game for everyone. Sorry!
  • Fixed an issue where the Single Game seeds would not be exactly the same.
  • Fixed AI bidding negatively on Stocks.
  • Fixed an issue in the Money graph where the count would go negative.

This Thursday, January 14 (5 pm CET) Gamious will play Turmoil LIVE on Twitch.

Turmoil is now available for PC on Steam Early Access.

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