TRANSCRIPTED Coming Soon to Xbox One and PS4

TRANSCRIPTED Coming Soon to Xbox One and PS4

Developer Seaven Studios announced that Transcripted is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 13, 2017.

Key Features:

  • Twin stick shooter meets match-3 puzzles for addictive, tactical and fast-paced action
  • A voiced storyline to discover the truth behind this mysterious pathogen you’re fighting against
  • Customize your ship and playstyle with more than twenty active or passive skills to unlock
  • Dynamically lit 2D art style for vibrant microscopic environments
  • Difficulty levels of both puzzle and shooting aspects of the game can be adjusted independently. Whether you’re a hardcore or a casual player, there’s a fair challenge for you.
  • Rich scoring system with rewards for combos, skill shots, time spent, life lost…
  • 25 core campaign missions, and 6 Challenge levels for scoring competition
  • Memorable, ambient score

Watch the Transcripted Console Trailer:

For more information you can head on over to the official website.