Toybox Turbos New Frantic Table Top Racing Video

Developer Codemasters has released a new Frantic Table Top Racing video for Toybox Turbos.

Toybox Turbos New Frantic Table Top Racing Video

Take a look at the new video below, which features miniature motorized mayhem in action, revealing the game’s top-down camera option, perfect for retro racing fun. Buses leap off slices of cake, London taxis leap over cereal boxes and trucks use bonnet-mounted giant hammers to take out rivals as the trailer shows off some of the game’s 18 nostalgic childhood locations, including a science lab, breakfast table, pool table and more:

Toybox Turbos is now available for PC on Steam and will be coming soon to Xbox 360 and PS3. In addition, a new Oculus VR free update is coming in December.

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Source: Codemasters