TowerFall – Ouya Exclusive Heading to PC


Matt Thorson, the creator of TowerFall, is planning to release an enhanced PC port of the competitive brawler, which will consists of an entire single-player campaign.

Thorson said,

“I’m already testing a bunch of new content for the Versus mode. There are two new towers, some new powerups, archers, and variants, and a bunch of balance changes. I’m also planning a fully fleshed-out single player mode for players who don’t have friends to play versus mode with. It’s going to be a massive update.”

The Ouya-exclusive 2D multiplayer port to PC will take around 2 months to complete and will cost around $15-20 depending if the content justifies it.

A Mac and Linux version were also hinted by Thorson, but he did not give any specific details on either one.

What are your thoughts?