Total War: WARHAMMER Unleashes Biggest DLC to Date Realm of the Wood Elves

TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER Unleashes Biggest DLC to Date Realm of the Wood Elves

Developer Creative Assembly and SEGA announced that available December 8, Realm of The Wood Elves will introduce the exotic and powerful race of The Wood Elves to the Total War: WARHAMMER Grand Campaign, plus their own narrative mini-campaign, The Season of Revelation.

With a rich suite of lore-inspired campaign and battle mechanics, Total War: WARHAMMER’s first Elven race offers a playstyle unlike any other. Ranging forth from the enchanted forests of Athel Loren, they may capture any settlement in The Old World and set up expansionary outposts.

In battle, they offer a swift, glass-cannon playstyle. By far the most powerful and versatile archers in the game, they can equip a range of magical arrows, fire on the move, and are often joined by their Woodland allies such as Dryads, Great Eagles, Forest Dragons and vast, ancient Treemen.


Watch the Total War: WARHAMMER – Realm of the Wood Elves Announcement Trailer:

With epic new Legendary Lords, Heroes, battlefield units, monsters, magic and more, Realm of The Wood Elves is available to pre-order now on Steam.

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