Total War: WARHAMMER II Releases Dark Elves Battle Let’s Play Video

Total War: WARHAMMER II Releases Dark Elves Battle Let's Play Video

Murder most foul! Watch the Dark Elves tear into battle

The Total War: WARHAMMER II Dark Elves Let’s Play concludes today as Malekith the Witch King launches a wicked attack on his most hated enemy, the High Elves.

As Creative Assembly dives from the campaign game into battle, they see the beating heart of the Dark Elf war machine. Their lust for slaughter is personified in the unique trait Murderous Prowess; as the body-count mounts, the Dark Elves hit fever-pitch and enter a maniac kill-state.

You’ll see a wide array of units from the Dark Elf roster, including the sensational flame-spewing Hydra, plus a first look at the Moon Dragon fielded by the High Elves.

In yesterday’s campaign let’s play, the developers prepared by steering a Dark Elf Black Ark into support range. Watch as we call down its earth-shaking bombardments on the enemy mid-battle, disrupting and demoralizing the High Elf lines.

(If you missed yesterday’s video detailing the unique campaign mechanics and black-hearted playstyle of the Dark Elves, watch it here – and watch it first for the best effect!

Check Out the Total War: WARHAMMER II Dark Elves Battle Let’s Play Video:

Total War: WARHAMMER II releases on September 28th this year and is available for pre-order now through Steam.

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