Total War: WARHAMMER 360° Launch Trailer Puts You on the Frontline

Total War: WARHAMMER 360° Launch Trailer Puts You on the Frontline

Creative Assembly set out four years ago to create the ultimate in fantasy strategy games. Through a marriage of award-winning Total War game mechanics and the incredible depth and complexity of Games Workshop’s World of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, critics have judged Total War: WARHAMMER as one of the best strategy games ever made.

Tomorrow, at 08:00 BST, gamers worldwide will start their own adventure. An epic quest of conquest through glorious battle, with the Old World as prize.

Till then, experience the frontline clash of magic, monsters and legendary heroes in the stunning 360° interactive launch trailer.

Watch the 360° YouTube trailer version below and either:

  1. Click and drag your view of the battlefield on desktop (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)
  2. Use the YouTube or Facebook app on your mobile as a virtual window, and pan your view around (note that this is currently the only way to experience the 360° functionality on your mobile)
  3. Select VR view from the YouTube App and drop your phone into Google Cardboard.

Watch the Total War: WARHAMMER Join the Battle 360° trailer:

Viewers can also watch the 2D version of the trailer here for those who cannot host the 360° video on their browser.

The time is now, Conquer This World.

Total War: WARHAMMER is out tomorrow, 08:00 BST on May 24, 2016. Visit for details or Steam to buy now.

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