Total War: ARENA Closed Beta Has Launched


Total War: ARENA Closed Beta Has Launched

Stand Fast, For the Fury of Arminius is Here! Total War: ARENA Closed Beta Has Launched with Massive Changes

Developer Creative Assembly and SEGA have announced that the Fury of Arminius Closed Beta has launched.

The Fury of Arminius update, the biggest to date, introduces a new faction, new Commander and new map to the epic, team-based strategy game.

New Commander Arminius enters with a horde of fierce Barbarian units, bringing stealth, subterfuge and lightning hit-and-run tactics to the battlefield. See Arminius and the Barbarian units in action in this trailer:

The new map, Rubicon, is the first river crossing map in Total War: ARENA, offering quick access to enemy camps at the threat of being caught out in the open. Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon River marked a pivotal point in ancient history, and this new map with its open terrain and treacherous crossing marks new tactical opportunities for all factions – Roman, Greek and Barbarian alike.

In addition the update includes rebalancing, improvements and fixes following the wealth of feedback received during the Closed Alpha stage. For the full update notes visit here.

Total War: ARENA is free to play. To join the Closed Beta, sign up here. The game is currently open in Europe and Russia, with US servers coming soon.

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