Topp Hogg Needs Your Support on Kickstarter for Financial Card Game Project

Topp Hogg Needs Your Support on Kickstarter for Financial Card Game Project

Small town game inventor seeks backing to publish a 2nd edition money & asset game

KALAMAZOO, Mich.Topp Hogg Games, a young upstart in the tabletop gaming community, today announced it initiated a crowdfunding effort to raise funds to develop a 2nd edition financial card game. This first edition game debuted in 2015 in limited production.

The company, which prides itself on developing unique economy-based games, chose Kickstarter as the platform to launch the campaign, which began March 23rd to redesign its initial game offering, Riches or Ruin, titled, Hogg Wild for Wealth. The company will incorporate player feedback and suggestions from on-line reviews written by prominent gaming magazines.

“This project will give me an opportunity to improve player engagement and allow others to join me in creating something very special for the gaming community,” says owner of Topp Hogg Games, Richard Parker. “I am very excited to incorporate the excellent player feedback I received for this 2nd edition game.”

The company began developing a series of economic games in 2009. By 2014, already numbering five in various stages of development, it was Riches or Ruin – Hogg Wild for Wealth that became the best choice to introduce to the gaming community as a one-of-a-kind money game.

Larry Kiser, of Remington Financial, LLC, Richland, Michigan, put it this way, “Riches or Ruin- Hogg Wild for Wealth is one of the best ways to experience the risks and rewards of capitalism and various investment vehicles in a relaxed, fun, and yet still competitive environment.”

The company implemented four levels of play to ease new players into the basic mechanics of portfolio management. As they advance to higher levels, player interaction and random financial events are incorporated into gameplay. With the addition of new playing cards and updated artwork, the company believes the redesign will offer the gamer a much more exciting and aesthetically appealing gaming experience.

Christina Miller, of Portage, Michigan, had this to say, “I’m supporting this project. I thought the game was incredibly original and fun to play, so I’m curious to see how much better it could be.”

The company anticipates rolling out the upgraded game by July 2016, ahead of the September GrandCon event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event will mark the first opportunity show off Riches or Ruin to the public since its inception.

About Topp Hogg Games

Topp Hogg Games, conceived in 2009, develops unique economy-based tabletop games. It envisioned incorporating portfolio management principles into an engaging, educational format for adults. Grand Rapids, Michigan native and owner, Richard Parker, created the brand’s trademark pig-theme to add a humorous element to gameplay to appeal to younger players. Although its first parlay into the gaming world began with an investing style game, the company will bring other financial games to market that involve supply/demand and supply chain principles with an economic game mechanic.

You still have 19 more days to go to help support Hogg Wild for Wealth on Kickstarter.