Top Players to Fight for National Pride at WCA World Contest Championship

Top Players to Fight for National Pride at WCA World Contest Championship

BEIJING — The inaugural WCA (World Cyber Arena) 2016 World Contest Championship will kick off on July 23, 2016, with hall of fame-level Warcraft III players from China and South Korea, including Lyn and Infi. Both players are well-positioned to defend their respective national glories in the heat of battle.

Founded in 2014, WCA is an international eSports tournament hosted by the municipal government of the city of Yinchuan and Yinchuan International Game Investment Co., Ltd. The WCA 2016 World Contest Championship, one of tournaments of WCA 2016, is designed to create regional competitions between different countries. With a prize pool of up to RMB300,000 (USD45,000), the first battle of WCA 2016 World Contest Championship invites outstanding players from China and South Korea to compete in Warcraft III.

For the Tribe, for the Alliance,” this is slogan remembered by millions of Warcraft fans. Warcraft is a part of their youth. This high-end, professional global event is designed to cater to the expectations of every esports player, from casual gamer to top-level eSports competitor.

The professional production team at WCA will record the entire event, while the professional host team plans to continue creating even more exciting and compelling contests between Chinese and South Korean players.

The four-session event is based on an accumulated points system, with the second leg to take place at the WCA booth at Chinajoy, China’s leading digital entertainment expo, which will be held from July 28-31 in ShanghaieSports are invited to come and watch the competition.

Apart from WCA Pro Qualifiers, WCA Open Qualifiers and WCA College Championship, WCA World Contest Championship will further build up a harmonious WCA IP ecosystem, making WCA a more international tournament.

As China’s only comprehensive top-level eSports event, WCA is not only a platform for eSports, but a bridge to connect all the global eSports players and to promote eSports worldwide.