Top Google I/O Reveals 2014 Video

Google recently had its I/O press conference and revealed some new tech.

Top Google IO Reveals 2014 Video

Take a look at the top five features revealed at the Google press conference:

  1. The Android L – the newest version of the Android’s UI design. The L provides more security (stopping malware), wifi radio, cell radio, Bluetooth radio, GPS, better performance overall and improved battery life. The Android L is now available for developers and will be available for purchase this Fall.
  2. Android TV – you can play streaming TV, movie shows and games from any device and cast them to your screen. Voice recognition is being integrated into the Android TV. In addition, you’ll be able to play Google Play games on the new Android TV.
  3. Android Auto – you’ll be able to plug your phone into your car and broadcast it, send text via voice, smarter turn-by-turn navigation,  The new tech is all voice activated.
  4. Android 5.0 – described as the complete  reinvention of US design, which will include a feature called material design that includes depth to your apps making them adapt to gestures and animations. The device will have 64 bit processing with support of more RAM, larger number registers, newer instruction sets, increased addressable memory space, cross platform support, and no modifications for JAVA langauge.
  5. AndroidWear – the watch has wearable integration with Google to avoid security risks. For example, if you wear your Android phone, you won’t have to input your password on your phone. The new phone will work with apps, such as Eat24 (to order pizza or whatever you feel like eating), and it will integrate with Chrome. The watch is now available and is Samsung integrated.

Below you can find the Google I/O reveals video:

Which new tech are you most excited about?

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Source: Machinima