Top Game Developer Languages Revealed

Top Game Developer Languages Revealed

Toptal: Swift, HTML, C++ Top the List of Hot Dev Languages in 2016

Internal data from elite developer freelancing company reveals which coding languages and technologies are in highest demand

San Francisco – March 4, 2016Toptal, the company that connects enterprises, startups and SMBs with the top three percent of freelance software engineers and designers, has today released some internal data about which coding languages and technologies are in highest demand this year among hiring tech companies. Topping the list of in-demand languages are Swift, HTML and C++; topping the list of developer frameworks and technologies are Drupal, Elasticsearch and Unity3D.

What the tech world needs now is omniglots

Swift, a relatively new language on the scene, has seen a 600 percent increase in demand from 2014 to 2015, and HTML saw an increase in demand of 267 percent. Other coding languages on the rise include C++, CSS and PHP.

Percentage growth of number of jobs requesting a given language in the last full year vs the previous year:

  • Swift                               600%
  • HTML                             267%
  • C++                                 244%
  • CSS                                  239%
  • PHP                                 167%
  • Sass                                142%
  • Objective-C                   138%
  • Less                                137%
  • XML                                125%
  • Python                           120%

Of software, platforms and engines

As for software and other developer technologies, Drupal saw the highest rise in demand year-over-year (282 percent), followed by Elasticsearch (274 percent) and Unity3D (200 percent).

Percentage increase of jobs requesting a given technology in the last full year vs. the previous year:

  • Drupal                            282%
  • Elasticsearch                 274%
  • Unity3D                         200%
  • Node.js                          192%
  • Ember.js                        188%
  • Laravel                           188%
  • Flask                               180%
  • AngularJS                       179%
  • Stripe                             177%
  • Bootstrap                      177%

About Toptal

Founded in 2010, Toptal is one the fastest-growing and most innovative companies to emerge from Silicon Valley. With backing from Andreessen Horowitz, Silicon Valley’s famed venture capital firm, Adam D’Angelo, founder of Quora, Ryan Rockefeller, and other investors, Toptal today connects thousands of elite freelance software engineers and designers from around the world to over 2,000 blue chip enterprises, such as J.P. Morgan and Pfizer, tech companies such as Airbnb and Zendesk, and numerous startups to provide world-class solutions that meet the most complex and challenging requirements. Toptal’s rapid growth is testimony to exploding client demand and the unmatched quality and reliability of the company’s services.