TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL Now Available on Steam

TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL Now Available on Steam

The story-driven isometric shooter TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL is now available on Steam for $12.99! Play as Tom — software engineer by trade, demon hunter by fate — and turn souls into demon-splattering weapons in this hilarious romp through Hell

In Tom vs. The Armies of Hell, players shoot demons in the face through more than six levels filled with a full cadre of demonic entities — including challenging minions and hair-raising boss fights. Turn the souls of the fallen into specialized ammo — transforming Tom’s gun into a rapid-fire blaster, flamethrower, shotgun, and more. Close range combat? Use Tom’s demon arm to smash enemies to a bloody pulp. Finally, if you’re caught between lava and sharp teeth, it’s time to (temporarily) transform Tom into a demon himself!

TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL Now Available on Steam

Sean Burgoon (Founder, Darkmire Entertainment):

“Tom is just like any normal software engineer. He’s stuck at a tedious 9-to-5 job (which somehow doesn’t let out till 8), and it’s definitely sapping his will to live. So when Tom thinks to himself, ‘Anything has to be better than this,’ he does so confidently… and wrongly. Still, while being sucked into a twisted hellscape filled with soul-devouring demons might not be a strict improvement, using an experimental weapon system to blast those demons into demon-colored confetti is at least a break from the corporate drudgery. It’s all about finding that silver, blood-stained lining.”


Tom vs. The Armies of Hell Key Features:

  • Enjoy a story-driven single-player campaign — just like mom used to make!
  • Blast away with a dynamic gun system, where absorbed souls turn into demon-killing weaponry
  • Laugh out loud with an original, humorous story revealed across six challenging levels
  • Stare at beautifully animated 2D and in-game cutscenes
  • Mow through hordes of procedurally placed enemies; no two playthroughs are exactly alike!

Watch the TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL story trailer:

TOM VS. THE ARMIES OF HELL is now available for Windows PC and Mac on Steam.

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