Tokyo Game Show 2017 Main Visual Revealed

Accepting applications for exhibition booths until June 2 (Friday)

The main visual for the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 (held by The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP)) has been chosen.

Tokyo Game Show 2017 Main Visual Revealed

Accepting applications for exhibition booths. This work is a
visualization of the 2017 theme “Reality Unlocked.” This main
visual will be featured in a variety of situations as a symbol
of the Tokyo Game Show 2017. Look forward to seeing them around.

Comment from the creator, Ippei Gyoubu,

“The world of games is an unreality. Is that really true? For us,
reality or unreality didn’t matter; experience was everything.
Space travel, which humankind has dreamed of for ages―we’ve already ‘experienced’ it. Yes, imagination is everything. That gives birth to experiences surpassing even reality… Along with the girl in the main visual, I look forward to TOKYO GAME SHOW as it steps out for the 21st year.”

– TGS 2017 Accepting applications until June 2 (Friday)!
Tokyo Game Show is accepting applications for Tokyo Game Show 2017 exhibitions until June 2 (Fri).(Accepting applications for Indy Game Corner
[Type A] exhibitions until June 9 (Fri)).

Global game fans, media, and industry members have their attention
turned to the Tokyo Game Show 2017. For detailed information on
running an exhibit at the show, see “For Exhibitor” on the
official home page of the Tokyo Game Show ( ).
And for inquiries about running an exhibit, contact the Tokyo
Game Show Management Office. ( ) of Nikkei
Business Publications, Inc.

[Exhibitors Application Schedule]
*Exhibition Application Deadline: June 2 (Friday), 2017

Booth Location Meeting:

  • June 23 (Friday), 2017…For exhibitors who apply for 40 or more booths
  • July 4 (Tuesday), 2017…For exhibitors with less than 40 booths

Exhibitor Briefing:
July 4 (Tuesday), 2017

You can find out more information by going to the official website.

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