Tokyo Game Show 2017 Latest Booth Summary Revealed

Tokyo Game Show 2017 Latest Booth Summary Revealed

a scale approaching the previous year, the largest ever
601 Exhibitors and 1930 Booths

Preliminary announcement of booths and game titles scheduled for

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 announces various information
concerning exhibitors as of September 6, 2017.

As of September 6, 2017, 601 exhibitors (final count last year: 614) and
1,930 booths (final count last year: 1,939) are expected―the second
and third highest in the history of the event, respectively. The number
of exhibitors from overseas is 315 (final count last year: 345), and,
as was true last year, more than half of the total 601 exhibitors.

Booth overviews and the preliminary total number of game titles have
also been announced. As of September 6, 1,042 titles are expected.
Game titles in a wide range of genres, from the latest games supporting
the hot VR (virtual reality) to fun and easy games for everyone, for
a variety of platform such as game console, smartphone, and PC are
expected to be exhibited.

The final number of game titles, an overview of booths, and other event
information are scheduled to be released in the morning of the opening
day of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 (Thursday, September 21).

Latest exhibitor information available on the official website!

Exhibitors’ booth overviews and booth events as well as the game titles
expected, as submitted by each exhibitor, will be announced on the
TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017 official website and be updated as needed.

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