Tokyo Game Show 2016 Main Visual Revealed

Tokyo Game Show 2016 Main Visual Revealed

The main visual for the Tokyo Game Show 2016 (held by The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP)) has been chosen.

The illustrator Ippei Gyoubu produced the main visual this year as well. This work is a visualization of the 2016 theme “Press Start to Play the Future”. We are also revealing a special logo to commemorate the Tokyo Game Show turning 20 this year! The main visual and commemoration logo will be featured in a variety of situations as a symbol of the Tokyo Game Show 2016. Look forward to seeing them around.

Comment from the creator, Ippei Gyoubu,

“The game world is moving from monitors to headsets, and at some point gamers will probably even remove the headset. Is that world real or unreal? Games are creating the whole different concept of the world! The Tokyo Game Show has continually delivered to us the history of those revolutions, and is turning 20 this year. I can’t wait to go see a new revolution.

Ippei Gyoubu profile:

His profession is illustrator. He works mainly on illustrations and character design, in Japan and overseas. His major work includes the 2011 Nike Free global campaign, the Osaka Pavilion mural for the Shanghai Expo 2010, the Sony Walkman Ippei Gyoubu Model, the 2005 package for Coca Cola Japan’s Dr. Pepper, an Adidas Japan World Cup ad campaign, package and image character design for Konami’s J.LEAGUE Winning Eleven Tactics as well as character design for SNK “CoolCool Toon,” etc. He has produced the main visual of the Tokyo Game Show since 2010. His latest work has involved passionately engaging with visual works by designing multiple mechas for “Gundam Reconguista in G” and “Mobile Suite Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”, as well as design work for “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and “Sacred Seven.” Ippei Gyoubu’s official site:

TGS2016 is accepting applications until May 31 (Tue)!

TGS2016 is accepting applications for Tokyo Game Show 2016 exhibitions until May 31 (Tue).(Accepting applications for Indy Game Corner [Type A] exhibitions until June 10 (Fri)). Global game fans, media, and industry members have their attention turned to the Tokyo Game Show 2016. For detailed information on running an exhibit at the show, see “For Exhibitor” on the official home page of the Tokyo Game Show

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