Tokyo Game Show 2014 Ultimate Game Environment

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher from the Tokyo Game Show 2014, the ultimate game environment for winter has been revealed for hardcore gamers.

BE-S CO.,LTD. will exhibit in TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014 (TGS 2014) to introduce the novelty products for hard-core gamers. The concept for the booth is “the ultimate game environment for winter”. We will exhibit and sell the products which help the gamers to stay warm to concentrate on games. Products below are warmly waiting for your visit.

1. Lonely Tent (Bocchi Tent)

By setting this pop-up tent inside your room or around your desk, you will not get distracted or disturbed by others during your pleasant game time. In winter this simple compartment keeps you warm. This product has been featured and reported sensationally by a lot of mass-medias since its release in Japan.

2. Humanoid Fleece Sleeping Bag (Hitogata Nebukuro Fleece)

This is beyond the so-called “blanket-with-sleeves”. Its unusual shape covers your entire body and fleece material wraps you gently. You can put out your hands to hold and handle a controller.



3. Humanoid Sleeping Bag

This is “the ultimate cold weather gear” inspired by German army gear. If you are conscious of monthly electric bill for air conditioning, this sleeping bag will be your must- have to cut down the heating cost in winter.

Humanoid Sleeping Bag Gaming Cypher 3 Humanoid Sleeping Bag Gaming Cypher 2 Humanoid Sleeping Bag Gaming CypherWhat did you think?

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Source: Press Release