Tokyo Game Show 2014 Main Visual Revealed

The Tokyo Game Show 2014 (TGS 2014) main visual has been revealed.

The Tokyo Game Show 2014, which is organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) along with cooperation of Nikkei Business Publications, has revealed the main visual for this year..

The illustration was created by Ippei Gyoubu who has been involved in Tokyo Game Show since 2010, and it expresses the keyword “change/transformation” of the TGS 2014 theme, ‘Changing Games: The Transformation of Fun.’

This main character will appear in various communications in TGS 2014 to play a role of the character that represents the event. We hope you will like her.

Tokyo Game Show 2014 Main Visual Revealed

Below is a comment from the creator, Ippei Gyoubu,

“I created this year’s main visual by visualizing the “emergence” based on the keyword “change/transformation” in the theme. A caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, breaks down its body and reconstructs itself to be born as a completely different creature. In a gaming world, technological innovation has evolved in the last 10 years and now that we’ve passed through the revolutions such as internet, social media and smartphone, I feel that we’ve come close to the time of the birth of a completely new world with all those revolutions blending well. I created this visual based on that feeling. This main visual expresses the ambiguity of whether the visual is a reflection of the metal or not, it’s a flat graphic or not, it’s stereoscopic or planar, and she’s a human or a robot.”

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What did you think of this year’s main visual?

Source: AGB